Do I need uniform?

We will supply a full uniform and all safety equipment. This will include safety footwear which must be worn at all times.



We do not supply transportation; however, you may get a grant by applying from your local authority.


Do I work alone?

We operate a buddy system which means you will work under close supervision with a technician or mentor. When you have more experience, you may get opportunities to work as part of a small team on some tasks.


How long does the training last?

The training is ongoing with no time limit, dependant on personal funding. A flexible, individual training plan will be developed to suit each trainee’s needs; the programme will last as long as the trainee wants or needs it, and can be adapted as needs change.


How many hours?

Attendance varies according to the trainee’s needs and funding, but can take place over 1-5 days, Monday to Friday, per week, 9.30 to 3.00pm per day.  Some trainees choose to start on 1 day per week for the first few weeks, and then increase attendance.



Rates available from our Training Officer after assessment. Rates for daily fees for new starters are available after assessment of individual needs has taken place.


Do I bring lunch?

You can bring a packed lunch or buy from the mobile snack bar.


Do I need a carer?

Carers are usually only necessary in certain circumstances. For example, toileting needs, or for the first day when some trainees may feel in need of support from someone they know.