Diane - Ian's Mum

“My Son Ian has been going to Brighter Future Workshop for a while now. Since Day one he has loved it, he has been made to feel very welcome. He feels comfortable there, as if he has been there for years. It makes a big difference to me to know Ian is happy where he works I know when I drop him off in the morning he is going to enjoy his day, and is safe because at work they know his limitations. Ian had come on in leaps and bounds since being at Brighter Future. It has helped him come out his shell he has so much more confidence now. I hope he can stay there for a long time to come.”

Danny - Ben's Dad

“Ben has been with your organisation in excess of 4 years. During this time, he has developed his learning skills and has grown in stature and confidence considerably. As you know Ben lost his mother and has struggled to cope with everyday life since.

Due to the constant awareness of his needs all staff have made a major impact all through this difficult time thankfully he is finding himself returning at least to some normality and for that I am eternally grateful to you all.

I wish to add people like Ben need special help and from Peter, George, Karen and Denny, indeed all of your staff have touched Ben’s life and this is given in abundance.

Finally, as you lead this magnificent flagship for people with special needs, Peter and Jackie, I always hope you secure the financial support that this magnificent effort deserves; not forgetting the office staff.”

Chris - Mark's Mum

“Brighter Future is a place Mark feels happy and comfortable. This is due to the working environment and the kindness of all the staff and all the different aspects and skills he has learnt in the workshop.”

Paul - Jordan's Dad

“Brighter Future Workshop has been the best thing we have done for Jordan. He did go to college but was not very happy there.

Since he has been at Brighter Future, he is much happier in himself and gets on well with everybody. Jordan now always talks about his day and he is learning a good skill.

When the students have their ups or downs the staff know how to work with them, in college Jordan was just left and he got mad.

Brighter Future has helped as now Jordan will talk to people more, sometimes too much as Pete will know. Keep up the good work Brighter Future.”

Bill - Matthew's Dad

“Matthew is very happy going to work at Brighter Future. He was at first reluctant to go because of his aspergers, but has done really well with the help of support workers.

Matthew has structure in his life now and he has really improved because of it. He has also gained more independence, confidence and is sociable.

We are proud of the certificates he has gained and look forward to his future at Brighter Future”.

Colin's Carer

"Colin really enjoys coming to work each week. When asking Colin he says he looks forward to seeing his friends that he has made within the past year.

Colin has become a lot more confident since working here."

Donna - Stephen's Mum

"Stephen enjoys going to work. He has met a lot of new friends since going to Brighter Future.

Stephen has become more vocal and is starting to say a few more words. He loves working with scooters, he also picks up leaflets about scooters when we are out and about."

Tony - Christopher's Dad

"Christopher enjoys the tailored provision that has been set out for him. He enjoys working closely with others and also that all his support needs are met and identified.

It is important to Christopher that he is always included and throughout any planning processes and subsequent provision.

Working alongside people who provide specialist/discreet support allows him to be himself and enjoy his work. He feels he is in a safe environment, alongside people who are important to him and learning more skills to help him have more confidence.

Christopher particularly enjoys the 'banter' and being part of the team. This is all part of Christopher being valued and supported. This all contributes to Christopher achieving the best of his ability, trying new skills and progression in the workplace.

Christopher enjoys going to work and would go everyday if he could!"

James, aged 85, had lost his mobility; he had been house-bound for 11 years and was very depressed.

His family could not afford new mobility equipment as the cost was prohibitive. The family came to our showroom to view our stock of refurbished mobility scooters; we were able to help them purchase a suitable refurbished mobility scooter at a cost that they could afford.

Two days later we had a phone call from James’s daughter, crying with delight. Her father had been out of the house on the mobility scooter; the first thing he wanted to do was to go to the corner shop and buy his own newspaper and for the first time in 11 years he achieved it.

During all those years trapped in the house, his thoughts and aspirations were focused on getting out to buy his own paper. All the staff and the disabled people at Brighter Future swelled with pride as they all had played a part in James regaining both his mobility and his independence at the same time.

Many of our customers have told us similar stories about the difficulties caused by the loss of their mobility, and how buying recycled equipment from Brighter Future helped them to overcome these problems and lead more fulfilling lives.